Why your kids should learn to type faster on a computer keyboard.

Some few years back, we were all writing with pens in schools, writing letters to friends and family in a different state or country. These days, we type! and with the introduction of chat apps, typing on devices has become more popular than ever.

Even though some adults still find typing on a computer boring, it is very important and has solved the problem of people having to stress their eye reading bad handwriting and also solve the issue of late delivery of cooperate reports as data is now entered quickly.


So when is the best time to learn to type?


At a younger age, learning to type takes time and the earlier one starts to learn to type, the better they get over a period. Bearing in mind that typing isn’t part of most school's curriculum.

Kids between the ages of 6 - 12 can start learning to type with a computer keyboard and get good at it when they are about 15. Considering that most jobs require one to type reports, quotes, minutes, data summary, etc.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of teaching kids to type.

It helps them spell better.

This is crucial for youngsters who are just learning how to express themselves in writing. We think much faster than we write and typing helps support the translating of ideas into language via the muscles and movements of our hands.


They will be able to write computer codes faster, therefore making coding fun.

Learning to code in kids has always been difficult because the typing speed is usually slower for youngsters who may spend 5 - 20 seconds looking for the right letter on the keyword. Learning to type faster will eliminate this delay and enable them can code faster.


Typing can improve handwriting.

The clarity of the computer font help youngsters see the need to write clearly. It has been noticed that some kids that learn to type replicate the fonts they like while writing and they also observe punctuation and paragraph better than kids their age who don't type with a computer.


Lifelong Computer Skills

Feeling comfortable on a computer and being able to type quickly and accurately are skills that will help immensely when students arrive at university and are given longer assignments to complete. They also make it easier to get a job, particularly one that requires typing skills, and come in handy for writing personal emails and browsing the web.

Will you like your kids to learn coding and programming? send a mail to see how your kids can to part of the future of tech.

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