Ibridge Hub 2019 software development bootcamp

The Stem@ibridgehub Bootcamp is a training program where the participants are being trained on how to develop software applications and then practice what they have learned in project-based exercises.

The 12-week program is organized by ibridgehub STEM & Robotics, an end to end technology solution provider that offers services in the training of children and young adults, application and systems development.

It is widely recognized that the information and communication technology (ICT) sector as a whole is growing exponentially as society becomes increasingly digital and interconnected.

And while the technology industry continues to grow at an accelerated pace, companies across a range of sectors are facing a shortage of professionals with the requisite coding skills to fill their workforce needs.

The increasing demand for workers who can write code is opening up opportunities for young people to pursue careers as junior developers both in the booming technology industry and in other sectors of the economy.

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