Importance of Good Quality Internet in Driving Innovation and Learning in Schools

Since the advent of the Internet in the early ’60s, communication and innovation have leveraged on this ocean of information to create, innovate and deliver great strides that have propelled the technological advancement of civilization.


Brief History of the Internet

It is worthwhile to know that the internet was borne out of competitive innovation. The Soviet Union, in 1957 launched the first man-made rocket called Sputnik. This began a race between the Americans and the Soviet Union over space-technology and who would make what first, in terms of major discoveries. The United States as part of this race, founded NASA and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), giving birth the first network of computers which over the years became the Internet. Ever since the internet has grown exponentially to become an ocean of information and a pivotal point for innovative and technologically driven ideas.


What makes up for a quality internet connection

Like every other physical and abstract quantity, the internet can be measured based on some specifications which can either be used to judge whether it is an internet connection of good quality or poor quality. The internet can be measured using the Bandwidth, Internet Speed. An internet connection with great quality should measure up from 1mbps to an average of 5mbps for speed. While the internet speed accounts for its ability to download and upload data between end-user (You and me) and server-side, the bandwidth. When the connection falls below this range, it can become epileptic and hamper the free flow of digital learning and material sourcing.


Importance of Quality Internet for Innovative Learning

The Internet has a massive potential to improve the quality of education, which is one of the pillars of economic development of any country. Education is not just a basic human right but it is also a core element for sustainable economic development. Education serves as an enabler for individuals to create a more successful life for themselves and society. Delivering the educational package through ICT systems raises the bar of positive economic impact and creates a bigger space for innovative thinking and exploitation. One of such ICT systems is the internet. With the introduction of cloud-based technology, quality and efficient internet connection is a major requirement for delivering technology-driven IT services.

The importance of good internet for innovative learning can be summarized below:

  • Increasing opportunities for learning in and beyond the classroom – Through access to quality internet, learning in schools can be enhanced
  • Teachers use online materials to prepare lessons, and students to extend their range of learning– leveraging on the vast information available across the internet, the learning environment can become enhanced through adaptive learning which can be made possible only through a reliable internet network.
  • Fostering new ideas –Due to the wealth of knowledge available across the internet, learning can be enhanced utilizing the potential of global search engines like Google, Bing,, Duck Duck Go etc. to widen the knowledge base for both kids and their teachers as well as grow beyond the classroom. This, in turn, fosters innovative learning
  • Broadening the mind of students by exposing them to things outside their periphery.
  • Cloud-based Simulative learning- Utilizing cloud-based simulations, schools will be able to introduce students to new technologies.
  • Prepare the student for future deep-rooted technology-shared learning.


The world is driving fast towards an age driven by cloud computing and this is powered by good quality internet connection. To bring about innovation into the grassroots of human development which is education, good quality internet is very important for exposure to new and groundbreaking technology.

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