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STEM @ IBridge Hub offers young people immersive learning experiences through programs that combine classroom and “real world” learning opportunities as well as develop a strong network of teachers and facilitators capable of leveraging 21st century tools to teach effectively.

04 November 2019

Importance of Good Quality Internet in Driving Innovation and Learning in Schools

Since the advent of the Internet in the early ’60s, communication and innovation have leveraged on this ocean of information to create, innovate...

04 November 2019

Ibridge Hub 2019 software development bootcamp

The Stem@ibridgehub Bootcamp is a training program where the participants are being trained on how to develop software applications and then practice...

04 November 2019

Why your kids should learn to type faster on a computer keyboard.

Some few years back, we were all writing with pens in schools, writing letters to friends and family in a different state or country. These days, we t...