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Discovering Ways to Support Our Mission to Encourage STEM Education In NIGERIA.

                                   There are a number of ways that you can get involved with STEM @iBridge Hub and our mission to encourage STEM Education in Nigeria particularly in Ibadan,

                                    Oyo state. For instance, you can share your skills and talents as a volunteer in support of our STEM education workshops. The support of volunteers is essential to

                                     the efforts of STEM@iBridge Hub Innovation to achieve our mission and goals. Learn more about STEM@iBridge Hub’s volunteer opportunities, and how you can

                                      make a positive difference in the lives of young women and men in developing countries. If you are involved in a company, you can also boost your corporate

                                      brand and social responsibility by becoming a Corporate Sponsor of STEM @ iBridge Hub. A corporate partnership with STEM @ Ibridge Hub is created to meet

                                      your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and marketing objectives, as well as our fundraising and awareness objectives, to achieve a truly mutually beneficial

                                      relationship. Furthermore, you can get involved by becoming project lead. STEM @ iBridge Hub is looking for responsible and skilled experts in STEM field, who

                                      are knowledgeable in their various fields and in engineering projects to lead these workshops and educate them about Science, Technology, Engineering and

                                      Mathematics (STEM).


Volunteers can share skills and talents to  support STEM education Volunteers play a key role in supporting STEM education, fundraising, and administration. We seek like-minded individuals who can contribute to this vision: ▪ Other professionals are needed to help educate a talent base that will establish communities capable of attracting, educating, and producing the next generation of scientists and engineers. Teachers and students together can create tomorrow’s innovations for the betterment of all nations. ▪ A community of dedicated individuals can increase the number of people studying and working in STEM fields. In addition to learning science and technology, students learning these disciplines can also develop stronger skills in problem solving, innovation, and teamwork. For more information about volunteering, you can also call +2347037325246&+234805257799or email or If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application form for consideration. 

Volunteer Form

To Volunteer for the STEM program register here

Become a Project Lead

Calling all STEM skilled persons and experts to get involved: Donate your talent for humanity and make a positive difference by encouraging STEM education! STEM @ iBridge Hub is looking for participants for its “STEM workshops and Projects” , where young women and men will work together in STEM projects. The primary purpose of this project is to inspire young people, parents and facilitators to have interest in STEM specifically passion for science and technology. If you would like to help supervise STEM Project while encouraging STEM education in your vicinity, then please email or

Become a Collaborator

STEM @ iBridge Hub Foundation collaborates with Schools, Foundations/ a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and Philanthropists. The STEM@ iBridgeHub collaborates/partners with schools, foundations and philanthropies to bring STEM projects to these young women and men in developing countries that they need to embark on careers in STEM related fields.

How To Become A Collaborator?

For further information or to become a STEM education Partner, contact us by calling +2347037325246&+234805257799or email or

Become a Corporate Partner

Why work with us?

A corporate partnership with STEM @ iBridge Hub is created to meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and marketing objectives, as well as our fundraising and awareness objectives, to achieve a truly mutually beneficial relationship.

How your support helps

Your support helps us to continue to bridge the gap in STEM education for young women and girls in the society. From being able to run our STEM workshops for young women and men, and projects and providing other education resources for them.

Benefits for your business

There are a range of ways we can work together to design partnerships that work for you and for us, once your CSR objectives are defined. The following are just some of the benefits that a corporate sponsorship of STEM @ iBridge Hub will give you: Align yourself with a well-respected, growing nonprofit organization. Create awareness of your corporate identity and portray a positive image to your stakeholders. Provide a great opportunity for employee involvement. Year-round promotional opportunities.

Get in touch

If you’re thinking of becoming a corporate partner with Benignant STEM Innovation, you can: Contact us by calling: +2347037325246 &+234805257799 or email